Our Process

At Kevanna Fine Photography we are renowned for our creative style, and quality photography. We are committed to continuing our photographic training on a yearly basis by attending numerous seminars and conferences. We regularly participate in professional photographic competitions at provincial and national levels. Most important we sit down with you to discuss exactly what your expectations are for your photography.

Our Process
After you’ve contacted the studio, we will book you a consultation to discuss what you are looking for and the costs involved. There is no charge for this appointment, and no commitment to book a photography appointment.

Your Consultation Session
To achieve the results you expect from Kevanna Fine Photography, we will need to sit down and discuss your portrait session prior to taking any photographs. The appointment does not take long, usually a 1/2 hour, but is vital to assuring that your photography session is a success. During the consultation session we will discuss what clothes you will be wearing, which backgrounds you prefer, what locations you prefer for outdoor portraits, and whether your finished prints will be colour or black and white, and of course the costs involved.

Your Portrait Session

If we decided on a studio portrait session, the studio will already be set up when you arrive. After a few minutes making your self at home, and checking your hair and clothing to make sure everything is perfect we will begin your photography. If we have decided on a location shoot, either on location in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, your home, or camp some where in the Algoma region we will arrange to meet you at that location. After your photography session is finished, we will collect your session fee and book you a viewing appointment to go over your images, and to place your order.

Your Viewing Appointment

At Kevanna Fine Photography you will view your photography over our 36″ flatscreen television. This method is unique to Kevanna and works out extremely well as we can use this technology to zoom right in on your expressions and see if you really are smiling. With the use of a desktop printer we can layout the final selection to aid you with your purchase.

General retouching is included in our prices and includes blemishes, glare on eyeglasses, small spots or stains and whitening of teeth. The cost for more extensive retouching can be discussed at the viewing appointment.

Framing & Pick Up

When your portraits come in, Christine will call you to book either a framing appointment or to come in and pick up your images. We have over 500 different frame samples for you to choose from, and are generally less expensive than most frame shops. We can also reframe any older photographs to match. Kevanna can also frame diplomas, posters, and conservation art prints. We are one of the few remaining professional framing spots in Sault Ste. Marie.

Suggestions To Make Your Portrait Session Run Smoothly.

Bring everything: Make sure you remember to bring everything you require for the session. Eg. Children’s toys as props, baby bottle to sooth infants, etc.

Props: We have a variety of different props available to incorporate into your session. If you need us to pick up any additional props other than what we already have there may be an additional charge depending on what you would like. For example, helium balloons cost $15. 

Arrive On Time: Do not show up early in the hopes of getting finished sooner. We pre set-up the studio for the time you are booked. If you show up early the studio may not be set up yet, or we might not be finished with the prior appointment. This means you will have to wait until we finish setting up the studio. When young children are involved they will become bored and tired from the wait and we may end up having to reschedule the appointment.

Hair: Generally wear your hair and make up as you always do. This is not the time to experiment with new hairdos!

How Long Will My Portrait Session Take: Your photography session will vary in the amount of time it takes. Generally we allot an hour towards most studio sessions, and an hour and a half for most location sessions within the city.

Location Photography: If it is a site where we have photographed before, and both us are familiar with the location we will meet you at the scheduled time. If it is a location we are not familiar you will need to provide us with directions.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read over everything. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call.